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Do It Yourself ComputingSticks
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Why Do It Yourself? Do it yourself is certainly not the most expediant way to make a profit, so why do we embrace it? Linux is difficult to build, but easy to use! The owner of ComputingSticks is going to … Read More

Getting Started With Linux
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“The secret to getting ahead is Getting Started.” — unknown Getting started on any new journey starts with some doubts & worries. But with some planning and the proper vehicle & tools it can be extremely rewarding. This site was … Read More

3D Printing
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*** Warning NO CONTENT! *** This post is only to reserve this category and will be replaced after further research.

pdftk The Swiss Army Knife For PDFs
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pdftk = command line PDF Swiss Army knife The pdftk program is a command line program which like the Swiss Army knife performs numerous tasks on PDF files. In this offering we will explore some very powerful uses along with … Read More

Multiple Pages to One PDF with GIMP
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*** ImageMagic is also required to complete this project. *** Apparently this method finds Windoze repugnant… Sorry Windoze users, but you probably have other solutions…

Engraved Text The Easy Way, Using Gimp
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Engraved Text To Spice Up Your Graphics Engraved text is covered in this short video. Some narrative instructions expand that thought to show how to put letters (or other things) into an image or drawing that already exists.Ā  This method … Read More

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